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What type of legal counsel does your organization need?

Figuring out what kind of legal counsel is right for your business can be overwhelming, but we at Sequoia Legal are here to help! This post is designed to help you navigate the important decision of your organization’s broader approach to handling legal matters.

In-House Counsel

  • What it is: In-house counsel generally refers to a full-time attorney that serves as a company’s internal legal department. Depending on the industry, startups and smaller businesses often cannot afford to hire a full-time in-house attorney and typically do not have enough legal work to warrant such a hire. An in-house attorney typically handles a wide variety of legal issues, from contract negotiation to risk management to dispute resolution. Since attorneys cannot be experts in all fields, it is often necessary to engage outside counsel for certain matters (e.g. litigation, international trade, intellectual property, etc.), and your in-house attorney can manage those engagements. While hiring an in-house attorney may be optimal from a legal perspective, it is often not feasible for smaller companies given the cost of hiring a full-time attorney who then has to also hire related outside counsel as well.
  • Best for: Large or well-established companies, companies in heavily regulated industries.

Outside Counsel

  • What it is: Outside counsel is an outside attorney or law firm not directly employed by your company. Within larger organizations with in-house legal departments, outside counsel is usually engaged to handle matters that the company’s in-house counsel does not have the expertise or capacity to handle. The engagement of outside counsel is typically limited in scope.
  • Best for: Companies of any size with specific legal needs, or companies with in-house counsel that needs some extra help.
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Outside General Counsel

  • • What it is: Engaging an outside law firm to serve in a capacity similar to that of an in-house attorney. Hiring a firm to serve as outside general counsel is a creative solution for companies that need a legal advisor to manage their legal needs, but that cannot afford or do not require a full-time in-house attorney. Outside general counsel can be engaged on a more limited basis than an in-house attorney, serving on an as-needed basis to advise on broader legal issues. At
  • Sequoia Legal What Type of Legal Counsel Does Your Organization Need

    Sequoia Legal, we offer an innovative solution under our flat-fee outside general counsel plans

    (see more detail below).

Benefits of Our Outside General Counsel Plans. Sequoia Legal’s monthly, flat-fee outside general counsel plans offer an innovative solution for businesses that need a legal advisor to manage their legal needs, without the headache and cost of hiring a full-time attorney or the unpredictability of an hourly rate arrangement. More specifically, these plans offer our clients the following benefits:

  1. Value: Superior and unparalleled. The client receives senior executive-level support and subject matter expertise at a fraction of the all-in costs of a full-time in-house lawyer.
  2. Aligned Interests: Establishing a partnership between the company and outside counsel. From the firm’s perspective, there is no incentive to delay or “over-lawyer” matters to generate “billable hours.” From the client’s perspective, there is no trepidation with placing a call, because the meter never starts running.
  3. Familiarity: Close familiarity with a company’s affairs translates into increased efficiency and effectiveness. You can always reach out to your outsourced counsel, knowing they can immediately help you because they already have the background knowledge about you, your business, and your goals.
  4. Financial Predictability: Forecasting legal costs can be daunting. Under this model, legal services at fixed prices facilitate better cash flow planning.
  5. Ease of Adjustment: Outside counsel retainers will always be easier to adjust than employee agreements. There is a clear difference between (1) asking outside counsel for an expanded role or an adjusted retainer and (2) asking an employee to adjust job responsibilities, salary, and benefits. It really is that simple and that stark.

Why you should choose Sequoia Legal for your outside counsel and outside general counsel needs

  • Our attorneys at Sequoia Legal are experienced in the legal issues your business will face; from entity formation, contract negotiation, transactional matters, and export regulations, we’ve got you covered.
  • Our outside counsel plans have options for any size of business so you can be sure you are getting exactly the legal help you need.



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