Monthly Pre-Paid Legal Plans

Monthly Outside Counsel Service Plans

The benefits of an Outside Counsel Plan with Sequoia Legal:

  • Enjoy a proactive approach with a high powered team who always knows your situation, without the cost of a full in-house employed attorney!
  • More predictability for cashflow planning!
  • Each plan includes a Free initial audit and planning session!

Please choose from one of our affordable monthly options outlined below and never hesitate to call us with any  questions. Thank you.

The Savvy Startup

Includes all the basics a Startup Company or Small Medical Practice could ever need.
$ 1000
  • Entity Formation & Drafting Operating Agreement
  • Basic Standard Form Business Contracts
  • Employment Agreements & Confidentiality Forms
  • Industry-Specific Regulatory Guidance
  • Review of up to 2 Commercial Agreements
  • Quarterly Update & Planning Meeting
  • 10% Reduction in Flat Fee & Hourly Billing Matters

Legal Peace of Mind

The popular choice for Small, Medium, & Fast Growing Companies with weekly legal questions.
$ 3000
  • Includes Everything From The Savvy Startup Plan
  • Drafting Advanced Commercial Contract Forms
  • Drafting Complex Operating Agreements With Buy/Sell Provisions
  • Review Financing & Negotiating Terms
  • Review of up to 6 Commercial Agreements
  • Monthly Update & Planning Meeting
  • Unlimited Emails to Attorneys
  • Unlimited 15-Minute Phone Consults
  • 15% Reduction in Flat-Fee & Hourly Billing Matters

Full Coverage Legal

Are you considering hiring in-house legal counsel? This is the excellent alternative!
$ 6000
  • Includes Everything From The Savvy Startup & Legal Piece of Mind Plans
  • Preliminary Litigation Consulting & Avoidance
  • International Trade
  • In Depth Compliance Review
  • Drafting Sanctions
  • Export & ITAR Programs
  • Intellectual Property
  • Design Incentive & Equity Plans
  • Yearly Compliance Audit
  • Review of up to 15 Commercial Agreements
  • Unlimited Emails to Attorneys
  • Unlimited 15-Minute Phone Consults
  • 20% Reduction in Flat-Fee & Hourly Billing Matters

A Custom Solution

We help hand craft your own monthly legal counsel that fits both you and your business perfectly.
  • Mix, Match, & Add Features From Any Plan
  • Add Custom Items Not Shown Here
  • You Are In Full Control

Legal Disclaimer

Materials available on or throughout this website have been prepared by us for informational purposes only and are not intended to be, nor should they be considered legal advice. The choice of an attorney is an important decision and should not be based on advertisements alone. Nothing herein creates an attorney-client relationship; an attorney-client relationship is only formed when an engagement agreement has been signed by both the client and attorney.

Please also note that certain matters may be of such sophistication that we are unable to provide services on a flat-fee or subscription fee basis. In such situations, we are happy to offer such services on an hourly basis.  Also note that the price ranges do not include filing, registration, government and/or court fees and other disbursements.

Unless otherwise specified in a plan, no Subscription Plan includes the following services: (1) areas of law outside of the firm’s practice areas; (2) drafting and review of policies and procedures; (3) litigation, arbitration, and mediation; (4) administrative enforcement proceedings and other quasi-judicial proceedings; and (5) costs and fees paid to third parties.

The minimum term of all Subscription Plans is six (6) consecutive months.  If a subscription is canceled before the end of six (6) consecutive months, all legal work that was performed under the plan will be charged at the firm’s standard hourly rates, and the subscriber will be charged for the difference between our standard hourly charges and subscription plan fees that were paid during the subscription term.  

Any client request for work within the scope of a Subscription Plan that is received by Sequoia Legal less than five (5) calendar days before the end of the month may not be completed until after the end of the month. If hours included in a subscription plan are used toward performing legal work that is otherwise subject to flat fee pricing, the flat fee pricing will not apply, and instead, the hours required to perform the work in excess of those included in the plan will be charged at the discounted hourly rates applicable to the plan.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.  Additional terms and conditions will be specified in the engagement agreement between the client and the firm. No Subscription Plan will commence until an engagement agreement is fully executed.

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