Denver, CO Is a Festive City

Fun Festivals in Denver, CO

If you fancy festivals and they bring you this unique joy, Denver has many options for you. While most of them and probably the best occur in summer, it is right to say that Denver is a seasoned fun den with no breaks. Any festival that may cross your mind, the city has some of the finest of them all. From traditional events, cultural events, music, to every other modern societal concern you may think about. Here are just a few of the events that will make your day. Click here for facts about Denver CO.

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

This Denver festival has been going strong since 2001. During the heat of summer, dragon boat teams from across the United States arrive in Colorado to compete in a series of races honoring a 2,000-year-old Chinese tradition. But the festival is so much more than that as it features live performances, art exhibits, delicious food vendors, and contests. Read about Denver, CO is a History Lover’s City here.

Denver Arts Festival

The Denver Arts Festival is in its 21st year of supporting the arts. That means you will be able to appreciate the work of dozens of local and national artists and enjoy live music from the Cass Clayton Band and Spin phony. The event features a kids’ art zone and a wine and beer garden.

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