Services Offered by A Business Attorney

Business attorneys play vital roles that no one should belittle. They have been significant in the startup and growth of hundreds of businesses. More can be found here. 

At Sequoia Legal, LLC, some of the areas that we help business owners in include:

Business Formation

There are many ways to structure a business. This is especially through joint ventures and LLC’s. We help our clients to identify the entities that best meet their business needs. Learn more about How to Hire a Good Business Attorney.


Businesses are required to sign various contracts as vendors and consumers. The fine prints in these documents are intended to protect the parties involved. Our business attorneys come in to protect business owners from any oversights.


A business can be subject to being sued by employees or customers. Our business attorneys will protect you from such instances by ensuring that you comply with all statutes under the sun.

Debt Collection

Business owners are eventually faced with customers who fail to clear their bills. While most customers will eventually clear their debts, some are better persuaded in court. We come in to ensure you are well represented and that you get to collect your debts.

As you can see, there are reasons for you to retain the services of a business attorney. This is because their services touch on all aspects of your business. 

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