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Employment contracts are among the most important documents that your business will ever produce. As a prominent Denver employment law firm, we can help you with the negotiation, drafting and review of your employment contracts.

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An employment contract should clearly state the rights and responsibilities of both employer and employee. It should take into account contingencies that may never occur, and it should detail every nuance of the working relationship between the two parties. Remember that in an employment contract, every sentence matters. Following are some examples of scenarios that could arise from a poorly drafted employment contract:

  • A loophole that allows an ex-employee to bankrupt your business by using its proprietary information to benefit a competitor
  • A crucial ambiguity, read different ways by employer and employee, that leads to costly litigation and a mountain of bad publicity for your business
  • A section of the agreement, such as a non-compete clause, that violates Colorado employment law, causing a court to strike it down

Our Denver employment contract attorneys can review your employment contract to see if any issues exist that need resolution.

Why Your Business Needs A Comprehensive Employment Contract

A well-drafted comprehensive employment contract offers you the following critical advantages:

It sets clear standards for employee performance. These standards pay off when it comes time to terminate an employee because it is difficult for an employee to maintain a claim of wrongful termination against your company.

Why Your Business Needs A Comprehensive Employment Contract
Why Your Business Needs A Comprehensive Employment Contract
  • A well-defined employment contract can reduce your company’s risk of employment-related litigation by making it easier for the employer to successfully defend itself and do so quickly. A motion to dismiss, if the court grants it, is much better for the company than years of expensive and time-consuming litigation (even if you win).
  • A good employment contract will comply with all applicable employment laws. This can help avoid expensive, time-consuming, and distracting federal and state investigations into your company’s employment practices.

All of the foregoing benefits of a well-drafted employment contract can help enhance your company’s reputation with both potential clients and with potential employees who might otherwise seek employment with your competitors.

Why Have a Skilled Lawyer Review and Negotiate Your Employment Contracts?

Employment contracts, like many other contracts, seem to be written in a strange language known as “legalese.” Generally speaking, lawyers draft contracts in legal jargon not to confuse you, but because these terms are just as necessary as engineering terms are to building specifications. The problem is that you might not understand them, or their implications, without legal advice.

Certain legal terms such as “consideration” sound normal, yet they can carry special meanings. In other cases, it is what is missing that is important. The lack of a merger clause, for example, could add additional, invisible terms to your agreement with your employee. Finally, ambiguous terms can function as an invitation to litigation when the parties attach different meanings to them. Hiring a lawyer for employment contract review or negotiation could save you a lot of trouble later.

We Can Assist with Various Types of Employment Agreements

Employment agreements come in many different forms. Sometimes a single agreement incorporates all necessary features, while in other cases, a company might rely on several stand-alone agreements, such as:

  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Executive agreements
  • Change-in-control agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Termination agreements
We Can Assist with Various Types of Employment Agreements
How Our Attorneys Can Help You Benefit from a Well-Defined Employment Contract

How Our Attorneys Can Help You Benefit from a Well-Defined Employment Contract

Our employment contract negotiation lawyers ensure that your employment contracts are fair and that they cover the following critical issues, among others:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Confidentiality
  • Duration of employment
  • Job duties
  • Termination (with and without cause)
  • Severance packages
  • Dispute resolution
  • Post-employment limitations (non-compete restrictions, etc.)

The foregoing list is not necessarily exhaustive, we also react to your individualized concerns.

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Why Sequoia Legal Is Your Go-To Employment Contract Law Firm?

At Sequoia Legal, our lawyers enjoy decades of combined experience in contract law as well as Colorado employment law. In addition to a solid knowledge of legal theory, however, our lawyers possess the practical experience necessary to protect your long-term best interests. Our clients include both employers and prospective employees who want to protect themselves against one-sided employment agreements written by company lawyers or outside counsel.


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The following attorneys enjoy extensive experience in negotiating, drafting, and (if necessary) litigating employment agreements. If you need a lawyer to review your employment contract, contact us today.

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What are the types of hiring arrangements that can be covered with an employment agreement?

An employment contract can cover any of the following four types of employment arrangements: 

  • Employee
  • Independent contractor
  • Apprentice
  • Intern

The precise terms of these agreements will differ depending on the type of employment arrangement. An employment contract review attorney can tell you more after reviewing your current contracts.

Is it legal to work without an employment contract?

Most US workers do not have a written employment contract. Of course, even these employees have verbal understandings with their employers, and there are substantive laws that apply to the employer/employee relationship even without a written employment agreement.

How legally binding is an employment contract?

Valid employment contracts are as binding as any other contract is, and courts can enforce them just as they do other contracts. Of course, an employment contract may also be invalid because it violates state or federal employment law, or it may be partially invalid for the same reason. That is one reason why you need a lawyer to review your employment contract.

What are the major drawbacks of an employment contract for an employer?

Employment contracts typically include several major drawbacks for employers, including:

  • They limit the employer’s flexibility to change employment arrangements in response to rapidly evolving circumstances; and
  • Fixed-term employment contracts make it more difficult for an employer to lay off an employee due to economic conditions.