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Conducting business across world borders is complicated. The U.S. requires businesses to comply with various regulatory systems to do business outside the country. And even though treaties and multinational agreements standardize some practices, each foreign jurisdiction has laws that govern contracts, trade, and intellectual property.
Sequoia Legal is an international business law firm with the experience and knowledge to guide you through your foreign transactions.

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Your Foremost International Corporate Attorney in Colorado

Every cross-border transaction faces unique legal challenges that depend on the nations, businesses, and subject matter involved in the deal. An international business law attorney from Sequoia Legal helps your large, mid-sized, or small business identify and comply with the legal framework that governs your global transaction.

Sequoia Legal has experience representing U.S. and foreign clients doing business in Europe, Russia, Asia, South America, and the Middle East.

Each attorney for international business transactions from Sequoia Legal has advised U.S. and non-U.S. companies and organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals on U.S. and international law governing exports, imports, cross-border investment, and technology transfers. 

We also help clients structure their foreign investments, including foreign direct investment in the U.S.

Sequoia Legal researches any export control, sanction, or embargo that could apply to your business deal and finds a way for you to comply with the law.

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Full-Service Representation for Cross-Border & International Legal Issues

Foreign relations and regulations change on a dime. As they do, national and regional lawmakers create, change, and remove legal and procedural requirements to do business in their jurisdictions.
These laws impose highly technical import/export controls, licensing requirements, sanctions, and other requirements that all businesses must satisfy. Sequoia Legal's attorneys assist clients in complying with these requirements to avoid civil or even criminal penalties.

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Export Control Compliance

Sequoia Legal researches export control law, determines how it applies to you, and develops a compliance program for you to legally import/export your goods and services. We assist clients with:

  • Export Control License Requirements
  • US Export Control Compliance
  • Export Administration Regulations (EAR)
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
  • Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) Compliance
  • Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Requirements
  • Tariff Classification
  • Voluntary Disclosure

The best way to deal with export restrictions is to be proactive. Our attorneys perform export compliance audits, oversee export compliance classifications, train employees to handle compliance tasks, and provide support and technical assistance for ongoing projects and business expansions. 

We also represent businesses targeted for investigation for export control violations.

ITAR & EAR Compliance

The U.S. Departments of Defense and Commerce restrict transfers of military and dual-use equipment and technical data outside the U.S. These rules cover everything from weapons to encryption software. Businesses that need ITAR and EAR compliance programs include:

  • Defense contractors
  • Suppliers to defense contractors
  • Manufacturers of dual-use technology that could power military technology

Sequoia Legal determines whether ITAR and EAR apply and develops compliance plans if needed.

OFAC Economic Sanctions Compliance

All nations use sanctions and embargoes in their foreign relations. The Office of Foreign Assets Control currently has sanctions in place in at least a dozen countries, and it expects companies like yours to research where you can and cannot do business.

The OFAC list is always subject to change. The shifting lists of people, businesses, and countries subject to sanctions expose your business to accidental sanctions violations.

OFAC lawyers from Sequoia Legal can review the jurisdictions where you do business. We also look at the businesses and individuals with whom you work. The firm develops an economic sanctions compliance plan and trains your officers and employees to spot potential economic sanctions issues.

International Trade & Cross-Border Transactions

Any time you transfer currency, stock, property, or other financial obligations across an international border, you must comply with international trade law. Your business will probably need to report the transaction to the appropriate customs authorities and pay any import or export duties imposed on the deal.

In addition to the possible tax implications of these deals, you must prepare for multi-jurisdictional legal issues. A skilled attorney from Sequoia Legal can negotiate contract terms, dispute resolution mechanisms, and enforcement provisions before your transaction and ensure your business is fully protected if any disputes arise.

CFIUS Regulations of Foreign Investments

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) is an interagency committee that oversees investments in U.S. companies by foreign entities. 

Whether you are an international investor acquiring shares in a U.S. company or a domestic business seeking foreign investment, you need to assess your risk of a CFIUS review and a plan to facilitate the approval of your deal.

An attorney from Sequoia Legal can guide you through the CFIUS review process and work with all parties to the investment to submit all the information required for approval.

Voluntary Self-Disclosure

Penalties for violating OFAC or EAR include fines and penalties. If the violation was committed knowingly, the business and its principals could face federal criminal charges.

To mitigate your company's potential liability, the U.S. Department of Justice allows you to have an international corporate lawyer voluntarily self-disclose a violation. This program helps you avoid enforcement actions when you and your company face potential liability for violations.

FCPA & Anti-Corruption

Doing business in a foreign country sometimes requires questionable actions. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) prohibits companies from using company money to bribe foreign officials. It also requires every business to maintain records to prove it has not violated FCPA.

Avoiding FCPA requires a compliance program and aggressive training of your employees. Sequoia Legal is well-versed in FCPA compliance and will help you avoid getting entangled in FCPA regulatory matters.

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Industries Our Colorado International Business Lawyers Serve

Our international business law firm has experience representing:

  • American enterprises taking foreign investment, particularly from China
  • Foreign firms expanding into the United States
  • Companies manufacturing and/or exporting defense-related services and products
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  • Technology companies subject to U.S. export restrictions including:
  • Electronics
  • Software and machine learning
  • Sensors and lasers
  • U.S. companies with significant international operations and exposure to possible FCPA/anti-bribery liability, such as:
  • Entities that require frequent permits from foreign governments
  • Firms that often bid on foreign government contracts

Sequoia Legal guides U.S. and foreign companies through the administrative and regulatory minefield presented by an international deal.

Why Hire Our International Corporate Attorneys from Denver, CO?

Experience matters when your company needs a Denver international business lawyer. Every agency around the world that reviews and regulates cross-border deals has a unique legal structure and uses unique procedures.

The legal professionals at Sequoia Legal have experience dealing with these agencies and can advise clients about the best ways to structure and report deals for the best chance at approval.

If you have already received a notice that your company has violated U.S. or foreign laws, Sequoia Legal can represent your company before the regulatory agency to get the best outcome possible.

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What a fantastic team here! They are super helpful, personable, and so incredibly knowledgeable! When I called them, I was immediately put in contact with a very professional young woman named Christina, and she immediately put me at ease. The whole team was very helpful with my issue, and I would not hesitate to call them again. If you are in need of legal assistance, definitely give them a call.


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I can't say enough great things about Hunter and Andrew and the Sequoia team. We purchased a small business, and they were efficient, knowledgeable, and direct with their feedback about the deal and its structure and available when we needed them. We hope to do many more transactions with Hunter and Andrew, and the team. If you're looking for great counsel for a business transaction (and I'm sure any other matter they'd represent) - you'll be in great hands working with Sequoia. Bravo!


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I cannot express the gratitude I have for this legal team. They're great to work with, I cannot say enough good thing's about them. I truly feel they work for me and my needs and are very compassionate and caring about their clients.

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