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Navigating global markets can be a hugely profitable business, but it’s one fraught with legal complexities. Sequoia Legal is your answer, helping you manage all global trade regulations.

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Your Foremost International Law Attorney in Colorado

Our international trade and regulations lawyers help small and mid-sized businesses avoid falling foul of global trade regulation and laws, with clients spanning Europe, Russia, Asia, South America and the Middle East.

We protect your company and ensure you maintain your reputation as an ethical, responsible leader in your industry.

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Sequoia Legal advises domestic and foreign companies and organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals on laws, regulations, and practices governing all foreign transactions. This includes exports, imports, cross-border investments, and transfers of technology. We also advise on the structuring of domestic and international business transactions, including foreign direct investment in the United States.

We’ll counsel your team on foreign policy export controls, sanctions, and embargoes administered by the Department of Commerce, the Department of State, and the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Our international business lawyers also assist both U.S. and foreign companies and persons in evaluating and addressing situations related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

With Sequoia Legal by your side, you can achieve anything.

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Our International Trade Services

International trade and export controls are extremely technical, and any business engaged in foreign transactions will benefit from the expertise of international trade lawyers. Sequoia Legal brings Big Law experience to Denver businesses, with a range of services spanning import/export control, licensing, sanctions, transactions, and more.

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US Import/Export Control Licensing Compliance

Sequoia Legal provides expert legal advice on dealing with a number of government agencies that oversee importing and exporting goods.

Our expertise spans:

  • Export Control License Requirements
  • US Export Control Compliance
  • Export Administration Regulations (EAR)
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
  • Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) Compliance
  • Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) Requirements
  • Tariff Classification
  • Voluntary Disclosure

We help companies manage export compliance audits and oversee export compliance classification, providing direct support and technical assistance for ongoing projects and business expansion, as well as compliance training that teaches members of your staff the ins and outs of U.S. trade laws.

If you are already experiencing legal complications, our international trade experts can also directly assist with internal export audits, subpoenas, and government inquiries and investigations for both criminal and civil matters.

We’ll ensure you stay on the right side of the law, allowing you to grow your business globally.

US Economic Sanctions Compliance

Sanctions and embargoes are an everyday reality for international trade, and it’s important that you understand them. The Office of Foreign Assets Control currently has sanctions in place on at least a dozen countries, which include:

  • Zimbabwe
  • Venezuela
  • Ukraine
  • Syria
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Somalia
  • Russia
  • North Korea
  • Libya
  • Iran
  • Cuba
  • Burma

The OFAC list is always subject to change, too. So when you’re doing business internationally, international trade and OFAC lawyers from Sequoia Legal are an invaluable asset to your company.

We are highly experienced and recognized professionals in economic sanctions compliance, advising companies and actively representing businesses and entrepreneurs dealing with the intricacies of trading globally.

With a comprehensive, forward-thinking approach, we’ll ensure that you are fully equipped to stay within sanctions rules, to assist your company in setting up new international trading opportunities and advising on all relevant laws to your foreign activities.

International and Cross-Border Transactions

Cross-border transactions include the transfer of stock, property, or other financial obligations between individuals and companies in two different countries or tax jurisdictions. And these transactions often require a dedicated law firm to ensure they’re being executed properly.  

To ensure that your company is trading legally and responsibly, our expert international trade lawyers will assist your business in creating contracts for those transactions, defining the right method of trade, and implementing dispute resolution mechanisms that protect you in the event of a disagreement.

 We work with small and medium-sized Denver businesses, handling the legal complexity of cross-border transactions with fixed, affordable fees. We’ll help you manage international contracts suitable for a wide variety of sectors and use our expertise to ensure you never fall foul of the rules.

CFIUS Regulations of Foreign Investments

The Committee on Foreign investment in the United States (CFIUS) is an interagency committee that oversees transactions between the United States and foreign entities. Our team of CFIUS attorneys keeps your company compliant with all regulations particularly with regards to investments by Chinese companies and persons as well as foreign trade with nations with less-than-ideal diplomatic relations with the United States.

We are national leaders in international trade law, helping you navigate a wide range of regulatory systems with comprehensive and affordable guidance, representation, and direct involvement in your mitigation agreements, transactions, contracts, and more.

We’ll advise you on how to handle CFIUS notifications and manage trade negotiations and regulatory matters on energy infrastructure, technology and telecommunications companies, and more.

If your accepting investments from overseas, we’ll make sure you do so in adherence to all relevant regulations.

Representative Industries We Serve

We bring Big Law expertise to local Denver businesses, assisting with foreign transactions and investments within a wide range of industries.

Our international trade and regulatory compliance experts assist with the following matters:

  • Medical device manufacturers exporting equipment out of the United States
  • American businesses taking foreign investment, particularly from China
  • Foreign businesses expanding into the United States
  • Businesses manufacturing and/or exporting defense-related services and products
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  • Businesses exporting technology subject to U.S. export restrictions include:
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Software and machine learning
  • Sensors and lasers
  • American businesses with significant international operations and exposure to possible FCPA/anti-bribery liability, including:
  • Businesses that require frequent permits from foreign governments
  • Businesses that often bid on foreign government contracts

Why Hire Us For International Legal Counsel?

We truly live in a global economy these days, and with more businesses doing international business, the international trade attorneys at Sequoia Legal perform a more important job than ever. 

Whether you’re in the manufacturing industry, hiring foreign workers, importing and exporting products, or even just making a single transaction with an overseas entity, you’ll need to ensure your business is abiding by international trade laws. 

With Sequoia Legal, you benefit from our decades of experience working in big law firms and with international companies making large and frequent international transactions. We’ll show you which private international laws apply to your company, and how you can maintain your reputation as an ethical, law-abiding industry leader.

What Our Clients Say


Alessandro R.

Andrew and the Sequoia team are incredibly talented, detail oriented, and overall wonderful and trustworthy and people. I would highly recommend!


Adam C.

Andrew has been a great asset for my business through different acquisitions, employee onboarding documents, as well as providing assistance to many of my clients.


Erin H.

What a fantastic team here! They are super helpful, personable, and so incredibly knowledgeable! When I called them, I was immediately put in contact with a very professional young woman named Christina, and she immediately put me at ease. The whole team was very helpful with my issue, and I would not hesitate to call them again. If you are in need of legal assistance, definitely give them a call.


Kyle M.

I have worked with both Hunter and Andrew at Sequoia Legal and they are awesome. Responsive, knowledgeable and always hit deadlines. We have used them over and over because they great to work with and great at their work!


John L.

This is an amazing firm that will do anything to get the job done right for their clients.


Laura K.

Excellent advice and service. Big firm experience and expertise at reasonable small firm prices.


Soul M.

Great company, great employees, willingness to help in any way


Susan B.

Andrew Lopez is always there to help. He is professional, responsive and understanding. Thank you Sequoia Legal!


Jason L.

I can't say enough great things about Hunter and Andrew and the Sequoia team. We purchased a small business, and they were efficient, knowledgeable, and direct with their feedback about the deal and its structure and available when we needed them. We hope to do many more transactions with Hunter and Andrew, and the team. If you're looking for great counsel for a business transaction (and I'm sure any other matter they'd represent) - you'll be in great hands working with Sequoia. Bravo!


Sandra B.

I cannot express the gratitude I have for this legal team. They're great to work with, I cannot say enough good thing's about them. I truly feel they work for me and my needs and are very compassionate and caring about their clients.

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