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Sequoia Legal helps your business grow and stay protected in a constantly changing economic and legal landscape. We do so with the personal touch of a seasoned, local law firm.

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We Are Denver Business Attorneys with a Focused Expertise On Corporate, Commercial, International Trade Law & Healthcare Regulations Compliance

You’re likely already aware of all the legal complexities of being a business owner and just how difficult it can be to conduct business internationally. As your business grows, you’ll likely face an ever-increasing number of legal challenges, from healthcare to international business legal matters.

That’s why you need a business attorney who can commit to being a key player on your team. Our team of legal experts is well-seasoned in international business law, healthcare compliance, and all other manners of corporate law. Let us be your go-to business lawyer in Denver, Colorado, and we’ll give you the confidence you need to grow your business without fearing legal compliance matters.


The experts at Sequoia Legal can help, and it is an honor to be your go-to business lawyer in Denver, Colorado

With our extensive knowledge of the law and our experience helping startups and  middle-sized enterprises, you’ll get the expertise of a major law firm with the personal, friendly touch of a smaller local firm.

We’ve earned the trust of the Denver business community because we understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to international or domestic law. Our team always takes the time to fully understand your company’s needs and goals.

Dedicated to building strong, long-term relationships with all of our clients, we deliver a superior work-product, incredible customer service, and expertise you can rely on.

Just as reliable legal advice is essential for your business as you grow, we consider providing best-in-class legal support to be the keystone of our brand.

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International Business Law

Our local Denver business lawyers form a safeguard around your company, helping you navigate a tricky business and legal landscape as you grow. We cover a variety of international business law areas, including:

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Export Control & Compliance

We provide support on handling civilian products and technologies that may have military implications and the export of other goods that may require export licenses. Our expert lawyers handle U.S. trade compliance and assistance with transactions, contracts and compliance programs for international business.

Trade Sanctions & Embargoes

Our team helps clients abide all relevant trade and sanction laws, navigating restrictions and prohibitions, and doing business in countries affected by U.S. sanctions. We provide advice on due diligence investigations of new overseas markets and clients and help you determine the best course of action on new overseas business plans.

Cross-Border Transactions & Investments

We’ll ensure your international transactions go off without a hitch and help your business handle joint ventures, mergers, commercial arrangements and contracts, and investments in and by foreign entities.

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Corporate & Commercial Law

We navigate all legal aspects of international business and trade, helping small business and medium-size companies remain compliant in a variety of ventures.

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Business Entity Formation

Hit the ground running with your new business entity, LLC, or corporation by enlisting the advice and support of Sequoia Legal! We’ll handle all business filings and legal documents, from formation and leasing to financing, independent contracting, employment, and much more.

Contracts & Agreements

From agreeing on a commercial lease to creating purchase agreements, employment contracts, and partner agreements, we’ll ensure you have the right wording and appropriate documents in place to protect your business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions help your brand grow, but they come with the burden of needing to understand legal risks, antitrust laws, securities, and more. We’ll help you structure the deal in the right way, minimize liability, and protect your business.

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Healthcare Compliance Law

Healthcare compliance law can be a minefield of legal complexities, and Sequoia Legal knows them like the back of our hand!  We work with individual doctors, practices, and companies operating in the medical device market to ensure compliance and to help keep everybody safe.

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Setting-Up Medical Practice

Setting up a new medical business entity comes with a host of liability and licensing issues. We’ll assist with all those legal matters, including tax compliance, and offer expert advice on matters unique to your industry.

Compliance With Healthcare Regulations

We’ll ensure you never fall foul of the law, including Stark Law, which governs kickbacks and self-referrals, and HIPAA, which protects electronic health information and transmission. On top of Stark and HIPAA compliance, we also assist with employment agreements.

Healthcare Employment

Human resources is a huge consideration for any business, but particularly for the healthcare and medical industry. We’ll handle employment contracts, non-compete clauses, and disputes with a view to protecting your business, intellectual property, and overall business interests.

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"The simple fact is that you, as a business owner, routinely face complex legal issues that get in the way of running and growing your business. We at Sequoia Legal believe in a holistic, proactive approach with straightforward solutions that minimize your legal headaches and costs."

—— Andrew Lopez, Founding Partner

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Why Choose Sequoia Legal As Your Go-To Business Law Firm

Big Law Experience

With decades of experience and a background working with such prestigious global firms as Skadden Arps, Andrew Lopez and the team combine best-in-class legal representation with reasonable costs and personalized service. Sequoia Legal is Coloradans’ choice for high caliber representation in corporate law, international law, and healthcare compliance.

Long-Term Relationships

We build long-term relationships so you can build your business safe in the knowledge that legal experts have your back. We’ll guide you on the best next steps with every business move you make, building trust as we go. Your legal security is our priority.

Reasonable Costs

We believe all Denver businesses should have access to affordable legal advice, so our prices are designed to be transparent and reasonable. We’re always happy to build our services around your budget, too.


Your Denver Business Attorneys

You likely are well aware of the complexities and pitfalls involved in the legal side of being a business owner.

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What Our Clients Say


Gary D.

Sequoia Legal has been helping us with regulatory compliance matters for years now. So far, we have not had a single complaint lodged against us by any patient or entity, and no enforcement actions have been implemented or threatened. I can’t praise them enough.


Dana R.

Our company’s HIPAA compliance system was a poorly constructed time bomb waiting to explode until we contacted Sequoia Legal. With their help, we were able to fix our broken system in just a few weeks. If you are doing business in Colorado, Sequoia Legal is the name to remember.


Anna B.

We retained Sequoia Legal to perform a comprehensive review of our export compliance procedures. As a consequence of their advice, we were able to streamline our procedures to produce a much more effective, virtually error-free system. Would definitely recommend it to any company involved in international trade out of Colorado.


Jay S.

The attorneys at Sequoia Legal were always very accessible to me, and they explained matters to me with more clarity than I expected. Eventually, we were able to obtain an export license that had eluded us for quite some time.


Ehret Faircloth

I have had an outstanding experience working with Hunter Boone at Sequoia Legal. He quickly responded to any and all requests for legal advice. His work was thorough, complete and timely. I will definitely be returning in the future.


Steve Moore

Hunter Boone, Sequoia Legal, LLC, Has reviewed two contracts for me over the past three years. One the sale of our home, the other the sale of our business after 35 years. Hunter handled everything for us professionally and thoroughly! We will use Sequoia Legal again in the future if needed.


Rob Brindley

Andrew and Hunter where extremely knowledgeable, ethical and professional in helping me navigate business contracts with high liability. Thank you guys!


Kathy Reed

I have used Sequoia Legal for the last 4 years. No matter what my needs are they are quick to respond, follow up and resolve my issues. I wouldn't use anyone else for my legal needs.


Marco Rafanelli

Sequoia Legal has been a critical component to my business's success. I rely on Andrew Lopez and his team to steer us through the many challenges a business faces, from contract negotiations to M&A to internal legal matters. You are in good hands with Sequoia!


Shawn McIntire

Andrew and Hunter have been an invaluable partner for our business. They are extremely responsive and have been advising us on a variety of issues. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for corporate counsel assistance

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