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Small businesses face unique challenges that require tailored solutions. Businesses that prepare for these challenges can save time and money by having a plan in place to resolve them.

At Sequoia Legal, we guide Denver small business owners toward prosperity and growth.

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Dedicated Counsel for Local Small Business Success in Denver, CO

Sequoia Legal is a business law firm dedicated to helping its clients avoid any pitfalls they may encounter in the small business world. Every small business attorney on our team has a comprehensive knowledge of business law and the experience necessary to put their knowledge to work for our clients, regardless of a client's business model or needs.

Denver is a hotbed of small business activity. Well over 95% of all commercial operations in the city are considered conveniently located small businesses. Our team at Sequoia Legal has helped many of them reach the prosperity they enjoy today. And we can potentially provide assistance, too.

Our Legal Services: How We Help Small Businesses

For a legal counsel for small business in Denver, look no further than Sequoia Legal. Our history of legal services in the Denver community is unparalleled, as is our level of commitment to our clients.

Trademark Registration

Trademark registration offers important intellectual property protections for small business owners. However, small business owners often find that acquiring this protection can be complex and confusing.

At Sequoia Legal, we ensure that the application for trademark protection is flawlessly completed and submitted and is wide enough in scope to protect our clients.

Business Formation

There are many different ways a small business can be structured. And it's important to be aware that how you structure your business affects your future prosperity and capabilities of doing business effectively. We listen closely to our business clients' needs and choose the most appropriate business structures for accomplishing their goals.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Sequoia Legal offers services related to mergers and acquisitions. We provide clients with a fast turnaround for documents and are always responsive to our clients' needs and concerns. When problems arise during a merger or acquisition, which they often do, we offer our clients practical, real-world solutions that are effective and well thought out.

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are effective tools for protecting businesses from the unfair competition they face from former employees. However, non-competes are the source of much contention between business owners and employees. Sequoia Legal attorneys make sure that your non-competes provide the protection you need and are also airtight and in compliance with Colorado law.

Employment Contracts

Small business owners need airtight employment contracts that take into account the interests of both the employer and the employee. Without solid employment contracts or employee handbooks in place, businesses risk serious liability from employees who may find cause to bring a lawsuit against the business for a contractual matter that was not covered sufficiently in the original document.

Intellectual Property Rights

A company's intellectual property may make up a large percentage of that company's value. It may include trademarks, trade secrets, patents, and copyrights — it should have the highest form of protection available.

At Sequoia Legal, we work meticulously to identify and protect all of your company's intellectual property assets so you can work without fear of misappropriation.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Small businesses often need to control important information related to their ongoing operations. With a proper non-disclosure agreement in place, a business can effectively protect many of its most valuable secrets, such as operations secrets, plans for the future, current clients, and other private information they need to keep in-house.

Joint Ventures

Sometimes, small businesses team up with other businesses or individuals to accomplish business goals. But they usually do not create a new entity to do so. Instead, businesses enter into joint ventures, which are finite business dealings that benefit both parties.

At Sequoia Legal, we make sure your interests are fully represented and protected in your joint ventures.

Operating Agreements for Partnerships

When businesses team up with other entities, they often need to create detailed operating agreements for the partnership. These agreements determine the responsibilities and rights of all partners involved and provide mechanisms for dispute resolution in the event that problems arise.

Sequoia Legal knows how to ensure our clients' interests are protected when drafting these types of agreements.

Business Contracts

Business contracts are like laws in that they govern the relationship between two or more entities. Breaching the terms of a contract can lead to negative business consequences. It is important to have an experienced Denver small business attorney handle your contract work so it adequately reflects your interests and provides the protection your company needs to thrive.

Software Licensing & SaaS Agreements

Software helps keep the business world turning. Businesses that use programs typically acquire them through software licensing agreements. They also acquire software through SaaS (software as a service) agreements.

With the latter, the software is centrally hosted and accessed by a business remotely. With the former, the company installs the software on its machines.

International Business Issues

Small businesses are increasingly engaged in international business. At Sequoia Legal, we regularly help businesses handle international commerce business operations and the various issues and matters that arise, including:

  • Export control
  • ITAR
  • OFAC
  • FCPA
  • International trade
  • Voluntary disclosure

If your operations are going international, a small business attorney from Sequoia Legal can help keep your company safe and profitable.

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Common Issues Faced by Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you are likely aware of the many challenges small business owners face, such as:

  • Choosing the appropriate business structure
  • Understanding contracts and waivers in small business dealings
  • Ensuring adequate protection during mergers and acquisitions
  • Mitigating and eliminating exposure risks
  • Creating and implementing compliance systems
  • Handling labor issues and dealing with employees
  • Instituting best practices for employee issues

Fortunately, a lawyer for small business can help owners face these and other common challenges that small business owners should expect to see.

Our Process: How We Partner with Small Businesses for Success

When we partner with you, your unique business objectives guide every move we make. Consider this brief synopsis of how we will work with you to achieve success:

  • Initial Consultation

We discuss your unique goals and challenges in order to learn the exact nature of your vision

  • Business Assessment

We pore over every aspect of your business plan to identify potential risks and opportunities

  • Strategy Development

Based on our comprehensive assessment, we develop focused and effective strategies to accomplish your objectives

  • Open Communication

We keep you up to date on the progress of any issues and provide you with a clear understanding of the legal concepts involved

  • Guidance and Advice

We provide effective, relevant guidance and advice for the important decisions you must make

  • Efficient Execution

Our team executes our strategies in a manner that will achieve maximum results

  • Continued Support

We follow up on our partnership after it has concluded — your continued success is important to us

When you partner with us, you will have the support, guidance, advice, and representation you need from a small business attorney to thrive in your journey toward business prosperity.

We Understand Your Industry: Advocating for Small Businesses in All Sectors

Regardless of the sector you operate in, the team at Sequoia Legal has what it takes to protect your interests and help you flourish.

Some of the many different industries we work with include:

  • Food service companies
  • Cannabis startups
  • Transportation and logistics companies
  • Architectural firms
  • Defense-related businesses
  • Start-ups
  • Financial products companies

The list goes on. So give us a call and learn how we can provide you with the protection and guidance you need to grow your business.

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Why Choose Sequoia Legal Small Business Attorneys to Handle Your Small Business Legal Matters?

When you choose us, you get a team with the skill you need to resolve your issues quickly and effectively. These are some of the reasons our small business clients continue to choose our law firm:

  • Small Business Concentration

We focus on small businesses and are thus uniquely qualified to handle their challenges

  • Experienced Guidance

Our legal services are tailored precisely to your specific objectives

  • Comprehensive Solutions

We provide solutions to all your legal issues, from contract formation to compliance

  • Track Record of Success

We have successfully helped numerous businesses achieve their business ends

  • Client-Centered

We take great care to listen to your wants and needs and incorporate them into the services we provide you

  • Always Available

We maintain open lines of communication and keep you in the loop of all affairs related to your case

Let us assist you in growing your businesses and protecting your interests.


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With Sequoia Legal representing you, you don't have to know about or worry about the complex issues surrounding small business owners and business law. Our small business lawyers commit to the requisite due diligence for helping businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Our Successful Cases

Rock Solid FCPA and Export Compliance Programs

Our Denver export compliance law firm has extensive experience with export administration regulations, the FCPA and international trade and can assist clients with developing export control and FCPA compliance programs. We ensure each client follows appropriate FCPA, export control compliance and foreign trade regulations for their industry, and our clients hail from nearly every industry sector. The attorneys at Sequoia Legal have successfully assisted and provided continued guidance for several international companies regarding the internal implementation of FCPA and export compliance plans. These companies employ and engage in various transactions with individuals and companies around the world. To ensure continued compliance with US sanctions laws and regulations following the implementation of the FCPA and export compliance programs, Sequoia Legal has conducted company audits, interviews and internal FCPA training programs. Due to the diligence of the Sequoia Legal team, zero issues or enforcement actions have been taken by the US government against Sequoia's clients for any FCPA or export related matter. An investment in a Sequoia Legal compliance plan has saved our clients time, focus and money.

No Penalty Voluntary Disclosures to US Gov

Companies routinely face complex situations when exporting or doing business internationally. There is a complex set of laws and regulations applicable to the persons, places and products involved in international business. Businesses sometimes end up violating or running afoul of these highly technical and complicated rules. Sequoia Legal has represented various US and foreign companies in conducting internal investigations relating to suspected violations of US sanctions and export controls. Following completion of these internal investigations, where necessary, we have assisted clients in voluntarily disclosing suspected violations to US authorities and have obtained favorable outcomes, including reduced penalties or no penalties. This has allowed our clients to sleep at night and continue to expand and do business internationally in compliance with applicable US law.

Successful Sale of Technology Startup

Our team at Sequoia Legal regularly helps sellers and buyers of businesses navigate the intricacies of the purchase and sale process to help them achieve their dreams. In this case, Sequoia Legal was brought on by the owners of a local technology company in a sale to a strategic acquirer with a total transaction value in the multiple millions. We successfully negotiated transaction agreements, including due diligence with the buyer and post-closing employment agreements, and closed the transaction within an expedited 30 days period. As part of this process, we helped educate the sellers through their first transaction and work through the emotional roller coaster of selling your business.

Searching for Search Fund Success

And Finding It! Sequoia Legal regularly helps search funds and individuals find, acquire and successfully build new businesses. Our client was a search funder focused on acquiring a company in the professional services industry. We assisted in negotiating several LOI's that fell through, but as a result of that process, we found the right acquisition fit and assisted our client in executing an LOI, conducting due diligence, structuring the deal, negotiating the purchase agreement, working with the SBA and completing a deal that included a cash payment, SBA loan and seller financing with a variable note that reduced if certain revenue metrics were not achieved. We then assisted our client with several "tuck-in" acquisitions to further augment and accelerate the client's goals and exponentially grow revenue.

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Susan B.

Andrew Lopez is always there to help. He is professional, responsive and understanding. Thank you Sequoia Legal!


Jason L.

I can't say enough great things about Hunter and Andrew and the Sequoia team. We purchased a small business, and they were efficient, knowledgeable, and direct with their feedback about the deal and its structure and available when we needed them. We hope to do many more transactions with Hunter and Andrew, and the team. If you're looking for great counsel for a business transaction (and I'm sure any other matter they'd represent) - you'll be in great hands working with Sequoia. Bravo!


Jeffrey B.

We trust completely the expert advice and care we receive from Sequoia Legal as they provide their invaluable services to our growing businesses.

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What is the average cost of a lawyer for small business owners in Denver?

In Denver, attorneys for small businesses typically charge a rate of between $200 and $400 per hour. However, these rates may be much higher when specialized services or complex issues are involved. Flat fees are also sometimes used.

What is the benefit of hiring a local business lawyer for small business in Denver?

Hiring a Denver small business attorney gives several benefits, such as the attorney's knowledge of relevant local and state laws, familiarity with the local business and legal communities, and accessibility for clients needing to meet face-to-face.

Is it necessary to have ongoing legal support for my small business in Denver?

Ongoing legal support from a small business attorney helps small businesses stay on track and helps them avoid costly business disputes. The level of support you may need from a Denver small business attorney depends on the business involved.