Denver Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Lawyers for Colorado Business Transactions

Every merger or acquisition transaction is unique. Putting such deals together takes negotiation skills, experience in creating successful deal structures, and corporate law knowledge. When you handle these transactions in Colorado, the mergers and acquisitions lawyers of Sequoia Legal provide support, advice, and representation to help you meet your goals.

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We Expertly Handle Various Forms of M&A Transactions

Experienced Denver M&A Attorneys for Your Merger or Acquisition

Our attorneys have decades of experience handling corporate mergers and acquisitions transactions. We have represented buyers, sellers, lenders, and other parties, protecting their assets and interests and working towards a smooth transition. We tailor every legal strategy to your circumstances and safeguard your interests, always fighting for a fair deal.

For an experienced mergers and acquisitions law firm, turn to Sequoia Legal.

M&A Transactions Our Attorneys Handle


Sequoia Legal sets a high bar among M&A firms in Colorado because we give each client an unparalleled level of professional and personalized service. Our strength as one of the state’s top merger and acquisitions law firms lies in our ability to effectively represent you in a variety of matters, including:

  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Joint ventures
  • Management buy-outs
  • Document creation
  • Restructurings
  • Spinoffs
  • Horizontal and vertical mergers
  • Recapitalizations
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Section 338 matters
  • Strategic tax planning
  • High-stakes negotiations
  • Public offerings
  • Shareholder buyouts

Our skilled attorneys can brainstorm with you about your goals and find deal structures that will help you accomplish them.

What Does a Mergers & Acquisition Lawyer Do?

We stand by your side at every stage of a merger or acquisition including:

  • Identifying potential merger or acquisition partners
  • Performing due diligence on them
  • Advising you about deal structures to accomplish your aims
  • Developing an offer to the potential target
  • Negotiating the deal
  • Informing shareholders
  • Restructuring third-party contracts

Our purpose throughout the entire process is to get you a deal that makes sense for you and your business's future.

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Our Professional Merger and Acquisitions Service Process in CO

As you may well know, much planning goes into a successful M&A transaction. Having a mergers and acquisitions law firm there from the beginning is essential to make sure your efforts are watertight at every stage. When you work with a business acquisition lawyer from Sequoia Law, you get the legal foresight you need to make confident business transactions.

You also get peace of mind that you're on firm legal ground while planning and conducting your M&A affairs. We handle all of the legal components of your transactions and provide you with effective guidance in all pertinent matters, such as:

  • Tax implications and compliance issues
  • Implications of buying or selling a certain business
  • Third-party issues
  • Business structuring and formation issues

And you can always expect due diligence on our part to find and fight for the most optimal options for accomplishing your important objectives. We then prepare preliminary documents and begin the process of negotiating the best deal possible.

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Other Merger and Acquisition Services Our Denver M&A Law Firm Handles

The services detailed previously are but a brief selection and explanation of what a merger and acquisition lawyer from our firm can offer to our M&A clients. As mentioned, we work with parties to M&As throughout the entire process until its completion, from planning to closing and beyond. We perform the following process, whether you are acquiring a competitor or accepting venture capital.

Other legal services.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is essential in any deal. It means ensuring that all the right documentation is complete and filed correctly by both parties involved with the deal. We’ll analyze all liabilities, schedules, tax information, and more. We’ll ensure that everything is in order before a deal goes ahead.

Business Structuring & Corporate Governance

We’ll help you organize your business structure and oversee the agreement of corporate governance moving forward. This also involves accessing minutes from board meetings, shareholder information and material, incorporating documents, and more. Our legal due diligence review will identify any potential liabilities and issues before you commit to a merger or acquisition.

Antitrust Legal Issues

Antitrust refers to laws in the United States designed to stop anticompetitive behavior. We’ll ensure that your merger or acquisition is not at risk of falling foul of these antitrust laws and help protect your business against potential lawsuits.

Contracts Renegotiation

Our acquisition attorneys will also renegotiate third-party contracts and ensure that you get the best possible deal when moving forward with a merger or acquisition. This relates to any contract that either party (business) has with contractors, employees, or other professionals who provide services and are expected to continue working with the company after the merger.

Employee policy

Our team will oversee the creation of a new employee policy, as well as analyze existing employee policy for legal compliance and see whether it can be improved for both the business and employees. Our knowledge of state and local employment laws means we’ll handle this quickly and diligently.

International Mergers & Acquisitions

International M&A deals come with their own set of challenges. When looking to do cross-border M&As and other similar deals outside U.S. borders, you need a corporate mergers and acquisitions law firm with international mergers and acquisition lawyers who can effectively represent your interests in Colorado and around the world.

International mergers pose additional problems and complications in that they involve a series of additional laws and regulations that may be entirely different from what you expect to see in the United States, or more specifically in Colorado.

We have a team of international merger lawyers who can assist you with making deals abroad, acquiring foreign businesses, and determining what laws apply to you.

Distressed M&A

Distressed mergers or acquisitions, whereby a company is effectively forced to sell or merge because of financial obligations to creditors, is a tricky process. Our M&A lawyers not only understand the legal requirements in this process, but we can assist in matters relating to pension contributions and obligations, due diligence, warranty, insurance, and board restructuring that are extremely important when overseeing a deal like this.

Private Equity M&A

If you’re operating a private equity firm, you know just how burdensome the regulations and government scrutiny can be. Our attorneys work closely with you to handle the unique challenges your company faces, assisting you in navigating various financial and corporate matters while you handle your day-to-day operations.‍

We’ll ensure you always make an informed decision when buying or selling and that you don’t fall foul of complex laws relating to private equity companies.

Types of Businesses Our Corporate M&A Attorneys Assist

Our ability to represent clients in a wealth of M&A matters has attracted clients across numerous sectors to our mergers and acquisitions corporate law firm. As such, we have established a track record of providing high-level M&A services throughout many industries.

Defense-Related Sectors
We Assist Companies Across Numerous Defense-Related Sectors

Some of the companies and sectors we have worked with in the past include the following:

  • Agricultural and farming
  • Apparel manufacturers
  • Tech companies, including SaaS
  • Utility companies, such as energy companies
  • Retail businesses
  • Restaurants and restaurant chains
  • Construction companies and home builders
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas extraction
  • Distributors
  • Healthcare, including hospitals
  • Biotech and pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices
  • Banking and financial services
  • Media
  • Franchisors
  • Private equity funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Equipment and component part manufacturers
  • Venture capital

Our team of professionals has experience representing various types of clients as well, including:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Governmental organizations
  • Public companies
  • Private companies
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs

Whatever your needs may be in an M&A transaction, a business acquisition attorney from Sequoia Law can help you achieve your business objectives efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Defense-Related Sectors

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Why Choose Sequoia Legal Attorneys to Handle Your Next Colorado M&A Deal?

Our wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions dealings for public and private companies puts us in a strong position to provide high-quality representation and guidance to our clients to help achieve our client's business objectives. No matter what industry you are from or your size and business structure, a corporate mergers and acquisitions lawyer from our firm can get you to the finish line when you need to be there.

Our Corporate M&A Lawyers Serve A Wide Range Of Clients
Our Corporate M&A Lawyers Serve A Wide Range Of Clients

When you go with Sequoia Law, you get a firm with the following:

  • Years of diverse M&A experience across many industries
  • A commitment to your long-term success
  • Extensive M&A knowledge
  • Experience representing all sizes and structures of businesses

We don’t just aim to make the process simpler. Unlike other mergers and acquisitions law firms, we take an active and long-term interest in your company’s success. As well as providing legal advice and handling all your merger and acquisition needs, we’ll work with you to build on that acquisition and enjoy long-term success and compliance with the law.

Our business lawyers

When it comes to the success and the future of your business, you can’t risk falling afoul of the law or making mistakes during the merger or acquisition process. So whatever your industry or your concerns, the Sequoia Legal team is always happy to put forward a plan of action that handles legal complexities while you focus on the big task of building your business.As a law firm for M&A, we go above and beyond for our clients.


Meet Our M&A Law Team

You may or may not be well aware of the complexities and pitfalls involved in the legal side of being a business owner. Our M&A professionals can help. Our team members include:

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Our Successful Cases

No Penalty Voluntary Disclosures to US Gov

Companies routinely face complex situations when exporting or doing business internationally. There is a complex set of laws and regulations applicable to the persons, places and products involved in international business. Businesses sometimes end up violating or running afoul of these highly technical and complicated rules. Sequoia Legal has represented various US and foreign companies in conducting internal investigations relating to suspected violations of US sanctions and export controls. Following completion of these internal investigations, where necessary, we have assisted clients in voluntarily disclosing suspected violations to US authorities and have obtained favorable outcomes, including reduced penalties or no penalties. This has allowed our clients to sleep at night and continue to expand and do business internationally in compliance with applicable US law.

Rock Solid FCPA and Export Compliance Programs

Our Denver export compliance law firm has extensive experience with export administration regulations, the FCPA and international trade and can assist clients with developing export control and FCPA compliance programs. We ensure each client follows appropriate FCPA, export control compliance and foreign trade regulations for their industry, and our clients hail from nearly every industry sector. The attorneys at Sequoia Legal have successfully assisted and provided continued guidance for several international companies regarding the internal implementation of FCPA and export compliance plans. These companies employ and engage in various transactions with individuals and companies around the world. To ensure continued compliance with US sanctions laws and regulations following the implementation of the FCPA and export compliance programs, Sequoia Legal has conducted company audits, interviews and internal FCPA training programs. Due to the diligence of the Sequoia Legal team, zero issues or enforcement actions have been taken by the US government against Sequoia's clients for any FCPA or export related matter. An investment in a Sequoia Legal compliance plan has saved our clients time, focus and money.

Successful Sale of Technology Startup

Our team at Sequoia Legal regularly helps sellers and buyers of businesses navigate the intricacies of the purchase and sale process to help them achieve their dreams. In this case, Sequoia Legal was brought on by the owners of a local technology company in a sale to a strategic acquirer with a total transaction value in the multiple millions. We successfully negotiated transaction agreements, including due diligence with the buyer and post-closing employment agreements, and closed the transaction within an expedited 30 days period. As part of this process, we helped educate the sellers through their first transaction and work through the emotional roller coaster of selling your business.

Searching for Search Fund Success

And Finding It! Sequoia Legal regularly helps search funds and individuals find, acquire and successfully build new businesses. Our client was a search funder focused on acquiring a company in the professional services industry. We assisted in negotiating several LOI's that fell through, but as a result of that process, we found the right acquisition fit and assisted our client in executing an LOI, conducting due diligence, structuring the deal, negotiating the purchase agreement, working with the SBA and completing a deal that included a cash payment, SBA loan and seller financing with a variable note that reduced if certain revenue metrics were not achieved. We then assisted our client with several "tuck-in" acquisitions to further augment and accelerate the client's goals and exponentially grow revenue.

What Our Clients Say


39 Reviews


Sandra B.

I cannot express the gratitude I have for this legal team. They're great to work with, I cannot say enough good thing's about them. I truly feel they work for me and my needs and are very compassionate and caring about their clients.


Patrick D.

Great corporate law firm. I've had clients and friends use them for contracts, mergers, and counsel. They're good people and very practical.


Marco R.

Sequoia Legal has been a critical component to my business's success. I rely on Andrew Lopez and his team to steer us through the many challenges a business faces, from contract negotiations to M&A to internal legal matters. You are in good hands with Sequoia!

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Still, have questions about our corporate mergers and acquisitions law firm? No problem. Take a look at these answers to some of the most common questions we get asked, and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to simply give us a call!

Does Your Lawyer Manage The M&A Process To The Completion?

We don’t just make mergers easier – we facilitate them from start to finish. Beginning with due diligence and initial discussion and moving on to facilitating and drafting agreements, we’ll handle every step of the merger and acquisition process to ensure that your deal goes ahead smoothly.

Sequoia Legal also takes an active interest in the success of your business, meaning we don’t just intend to get the merger or acquisition done, but we work to obtain the best possible terms for all involved.

That means carefully crafted agreements, attention paid to your tax affairs and obligations, and true dedication from legal professionals to help your business get ahead and grow as soon as the deal is done.

Can Your Law Firm Represent Our Business Confidently To The Opposing Board Of Directors?

Yes. Sequoia Legal is known in the Denver business community for its dedication to local small and medium-sized enterprises. Our team utilizes experience working with prestigious global law firms to bring that Big Law skill to local companies, and this really shines in our merger and acquisition work.

Our team’s experience with corporate and international law gives us the confidence and knowledge required to represent your business to an opposing board of directors and to draw up purchase agreements that will determine the future of your business and be accepted by all parties involved.

What Can I Expect From An M&A Attorney?

As your M&A attorney, we’ll represent your business during every step of the merger or acquisition process. We start by preparing your business for a sale or merger, drafting documents, overseeing legal obligations, obtaining third-party consent, conducting your due diligence reviews, and working with you to draw up purchase agreements that comply with the law and fit both parties’ needs. 

Our lawyers work with your before, during, and after the merger to ensure that every piece of paperwork is correctly filed, every agreement is accepted by all parties involved, and that all legal and tax obligations are met. We’ll then work with you on post-closing matters to ensure your business is fully ready to go.

Should I Hire a Colorado Lawyer When Buying Or Selling a Company?

100% you should. Buying or selling a company brings with it a plethora of legal and tax obligations that could land you in serious trouble if not properly dealt with and complied with.

As your merger and acquisition lawyer, we’ll handle all those obligations, file all necessary paperwork and assist with agreements, obtain third-party consents, and set your business up for success. Without a legal advisor who has extensive experience in these types of transactions, you may never know what fatal flaws were made during the sale or acquisition process until it’s too late.