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Sequoia Legal is a premier Denver business law firm that guides and protects manufacturing companies throughout the state of Colorado. We provide a range of quality services to help our clients grow, thrive, and achieve their manufacturing goals and objectives.

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Sequoia Legal represents clients in the manufacturing sector that provide a wide range of products and services, from distributors and retailers to industrial and commercial businesses.

Whether you are involved in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, or automotive vehicles, our team of manufacturing attorneys can safeguard your interests and help turn your plans into reality.

As a law firm providing comprehensive legal services, you can rely on us for every issue that comes your way in the manufacturing sector, from mergers and acquisitions to supply chain and distribution concerns. We can also assist in matters relating to contracting, subcontracting, taxes, and labor.

Thousands have relied on our skill and our knowledge of local laws, and so can you.

Our Legal Services: How We Help Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturing businesses engage in all manner of business transactions and need legal protection at all times. At Sequoia Legal, we work with our manufacturing clients and partners at various levels of business to give them the assurance that their legal bases are covered.

Contract Drafting and Review

Players in the field of manufacturing use contracts for a wide range of business dealings, from production contracts to labor contracts for employees.

Our experience in manufacturing agreements and contracts is comprehensive and gives our team the ability to confidently handle the various agreements manufacturers and other players in the industry make.

Regulatory Compliance

Manufacturers and others in the manufacturing industry are obligated to meet a variety of different compliance requirements or face potential legal consequences. What these requirements are depends on the company's dealings and where the business conducts business. Our team ensures that you are in compliance with applicable laws and rules.

Intellectual Property Protection

Today, more than ever, manufacturers need strong legal guidance to keep them out of intellectual property issues and disputes and to protect their own pieces of intellectual property. At Sequoia Legal, we provide just — as well as other services — that serve to protect our clients in this ever-developing area of manufacturing and business law.

Employment Contracts

Employees are the lifeline of most manufacturing businesses. We help our clients draft and implement employment contracts and contemplate disputes and issues that may arise in the future. We also help protect our clients so that the outcomes of their disputes do not cause harm to their manufacturing operations and objectives.

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements are controversial, especially when overly restrictive. However, they are also powerful tools to protect businesses and their secrets.

At Sequoia Legal, we have the requisite experience to draft legally binding non-compete agreements whenever necessary to protect your operation from undue competition from persons once employed or associated with your company.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are a great way for two or more parties to engage in business together yet still remain individual entities. We take care of all the contract work and fight to ensure that your interests are adequately taken into account both during the joint venture and after your relationship has ceased with the other party or parties.

Trademark Registration

Trademarks are a form of intellectual property that helps businesses preserve their identities and remain recognizable, which is especially important in the manufacturing industry.

We handle our manufacturing clients' needs and plans by protecting their current trademarks and anticipating future trademark issues that may arise based on a particular client's business situation.

Operating Agreements

Operating agreements are important documents that spell out how a business is to operate, including how it makes financial decisions and how it carries out business in general. We help players in the manufacturing sector create and memorialize operating procedures that ensure smooth business operations and establish a sense of stability.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements, or NDAs, are an effective way to keep company secrets and other proprietary and financial information from ending up in the hands of competitors and other parties. Sequoia Legal attorneys know how to craft NDAs to be effective and comply with relevant laws and rules governing non-disclosure agreements.

Business Formation

There are many different structuring options to choose from when forming a business, such as corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs). At Sequoia Legal, we help you identify and understand the various types of business structures and guide you through the process of choosing one that's right for your goals and needs.

M&A Mergers and Acquisitions

The manufacturing sector is often a hotbed of merger and acquisition activity, which can supremely benefit a company in the industry — but only if the merger or acquisition is done correctly, with plenty of legal planning. We help facilitate mergers and acquisitions by ensuring our clients are prepared and understand the merger or acquisition in play.

Software Licensing & SaaS Agreements

Software runs much of the business world, including in the manufacturing industry. These companies need reliable software solutions and legal agreements that ensure the full use of any software without exposure to legal liability. Whether through a licensing agreement or a software-as-a-service (SaaS) agreement, Sequoia Legal has your bases covered.

International Business Consulting

For those interested in venturing onto the international stage of manufacturing, Sequoia Legal offers comprehensive and well-informed consulting services that cover:

  • ITAR
  • OFAC
  • FCPA
  • International trade
  • Voluntary disclosure

We effectively prepare you to engage in manufacturing anywhere in the world, and we protect your interests from potential manufacturing problems that arise inside and outside the domestic spheres of manufacturing.

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Protect the future of your manufacturing business, and let us help you achieve your manufacturing goals. Schedule a consultation with one of our manufacturing attorneys today.

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Our Process: How We Partner With Manufacturing Businesses

We work with our partners to maximize their success by providing the full legal support and guidance they need to flourish. Here's a general rundown of how we work with clients:

  • Initial Consultation

We start with an in-depth consultation to flesh out your business goals and desires.

  • Assessment and Strategy

After listening intently, we work up an assessment of your legal weaknesses and strengths, and we then craft appropriate strategies to get you to your goal.

  • Transparency in Communication

Our team of attorneys works hard to keep you up to speed on all aspects of your case.

  • Experienced Legal Counsel

We leverage our experience to provide you with quality legal services, from contract negotiations to fighting for your interests during business disputes.

  • Efficient Execution

We efficiently execute the plans that we have painstakingly and meticulously crafted during our meetings together.

  • Ongoing Support

Once we execute your plan, we are still here, ready to provide the follow-up support you need for success.

Whatever your needs or objectives, our seasoned team takes all necessary steps to help ensure that they are met.

We Understand Your Industry: Advocating for Manufacturing Companies in All Sectors

We have extensive experience working with a variety of companies across many sectors in the manufacturing industry, including:

  • Agribusiness
  • Automotive
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Construction and engineering
  • Building materials
  • Food and beverage
  • Energy
  • Steel and metals
  • Textiles and apparel
  • Furniture
  • Forest products and paper
  • Electronics and technology

Regardless of the sector, we can protect you and help you with optimizing operations.

Reach Out to Our Denver Manufacturing Attorneys

Reach out to Sequoia Legal for guidance from manufacturing lawyers with the experience and passion to help you realize your business objectives and protect you while exploring business opportunities.

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Why Choose Sequoia Legal Attorneys to Handle Your Manufacturing Business Legal Matters?

Sequoia Legal is equipped to protect your operations and to help your business grow and prosper, thanks to our:

  • Manufacturing Industry Concentration

Our focus on manufacturing allows us to provide effective legal services to our clients in the industry.

  • Pertinent Legal Guidance

We provide you with the tailored legal guidance you need for your unique circumstances, instead of cookie-cutter advice.

  • Effective Solutions

We address your problems and concerns with comprehensive, effective solutions designed to safeguard your interests and help you thrive in the future.

  • Client-Centered

At Sequoia Legal, we listen, which allows us to advise clients with effective solutions and counsel.

  • Available and Responsive

We are always available to address your concerns whenever you need us.

When you become our client, you become part of the Sequoia Legal family and can expect to have your manufacturing needs addressed and resolved how you need them to be.


Meet Our Manufacturing Business Team

Choosing Sequoia Legal means that you get a team of Denver manufacturing lawyers who are intimately familiar with manufacturing trade practices and ready to resolve the issues you face. Members of the manufacturing team at Sequoia Legal include:

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Our Successful Cases

Rock Solid FCPA and Export Compliance Programs

Our Denver export compliance law firm has extensive experience with export administration regulations, the FCPA and international trade and can assist clients with developing export control and FCPA compliance programs. We ensure each client follows appropriate FCPA, export control compliance and foreign trade regulations for their industry, and our clients hail from nearly every industry sector. The attorneys at Sequoia Legal have successfully assisted and provided continued guidance for several international companies regarding the internal implementation of FCPA and export compliance plans. These companies employ and engage in various transactions with individuals and companies around the world. To ensure continued compliance with US sanctions laws and regulations following the implementation of the FCPA and export compliance programs, Sequoia Legal has conducted company audits, interviews and internal FCPA training programs. Due to the diligence of the Sequoia Legal team, zero issues or enforcement actions have been taken by the US government against Sequoia's clients for any FCPA or export related matter. An investment in a Sequoia Legal compliance plan has saved our clients time, focus and money.

No Penalty Voluntary Disclosures to US Gov

Companies routinely face complex situations when exporting or doing business internationally. There is a complex set of laws and regulations applicable to the persons, places and products involved in international business. Businesses sometimes end up violating or running afoul of these highly technical and complicated rules. Sequoia Legal has represented various US and foreign companies in conducting internal investigations relating to suspected violations of US sanctions and export controls. Following completion of these internal investigations, where necessary, we have assisted clients in voluntarily disclosing suspected violations to US authorities and have obtained favorable outcomes, including reduced penalties or no penalties. This has allowed our clients to sleep at night and continue to expand and do business internationally in compliance with applicable US law.

Successful Sale of Technology Startup

Our team at Sequoia Legal regularly helps sellers and buyers of businesses navigate the intricacies of the purchase and sale process to help them achieve their dreams. In this case, Sequoia Legal was brought on by the owners of a local technology company in a sale to a strategic acquirer with a total transaction value in the multiple millions. We successfully negotiated transaction agreements, including due diligence with the buyer and post-closing employment agreements, and closed the transaction within an expedited 30 days period. As part of this process, we helped educate the sellers through their first transaction and work through the emotional roller coaster of selling your business.

Searching for Search Fund Success

And Finding It! Sequoia Legal regularly helps search funds and individuals find, acquire and successfully build new businesses. Our client was a search funder focused on acquiring a company in the professional services industry. We assisted in negotiating several LOI's that fell through, but as a result of that process, we found the right acquisition fit and assisted our client in executing an LOI, conducting due diligence, structuring the deal, negotiating the purchase agreement, working with the SBA and completing a deal that included a cash payment, SBA loan and seller financing with a variable note that reduced if certain revenue metrics were not achieved. We then assisted our client with several "tuck-in" acquisitions to further augment and accelerate the client's goals and exponentially grow revenue.

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