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It is the job of the US federal government to regulate the export of military-related technologies to make sure that they comply with the foreign policy objectives of the United States. To this end, the US federal government has enacted regulations that govern the export of defense, military and dual-use technologies.

  • The US Department of State administers the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which regulate the export of defense-related goods and services.
  • The US Department of Commerce administers the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), which govern the export of goods, services, software, and technology.

The ITAR is a highly complex set of regulations, and it is unlikely that you will be able to comply with them despite your best intentions without the aid of an ITAR compliance attorney.

Common ITAR Problems

We see the same problems arise again and again when small and medium-sized businesses are faced with export compliance matters. These problems include:

  • Failing to implement an internal export compliance program. If your company is involved in exporting controlled products or technology, it is essential that you have a formal written export compliance program in place.
  • Failing to keep up with new developments in import/export regulation.
  • Neglecting to pursue appropriate due diligence and failure to obtain necessary export licenses. Taking shortcuts in these areas could, in a worst-case scenario, lead to significant fines and criminal charges.
  • Exporting an item despite known regulatory problems that you fail to resolve prior to export.
Common ITAR Problems
Common ITAR Problems
  • Insufficient record-keeping. Record-keeping does not end as soon as you obtain an export license--you need to record every aspect of export compliance in case there are issues down the road.
  • Failing to determine the identity of the end-users of the products that you export.

Sequoia Legal has devised time-tested strategies to help your company meet all of these challenges. We won’t offer you a “lawyer’s solution” to your import/export compliance problems, but a business solution that takes into account the business realities of your industry.

We Assist Companies Across Numerous Defense-Related Sectors

We Assist Companies Across
Numerous Defense-Related Sectors

Sequoia Legal can advise clients involved in the following industries on a broad range of export compliance matters under ITAR and EAR:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Defense
  • Electronics
  • Emerging technologies
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Life sciences
  • Information technology
  • Machine tools
Defense-Related Sectors
Defense-Related Sectors
  • Nonprofits
  • Robotics
  • Telecommunications
  • Software

The foregoing list is not exhaustive-we work with other industries as well.

Key Service Areas For ITAR Matters

ITAR and similar export matters are some of the most aggressively enforced areas of US law. You definitely do not want to get on the wrong side of the authorities when it comes to real or perceived regulatory compliance. The ITAR compliance attorneys at Sequoia Legal can assist you with the following critical matters:

  • Performing due diligence investigations for upcoming M&A transactions and similar transactions. We can advise you on export control requirements with respect to financing and transactional matters.
  • Securing government advisory opinions on issues of regulatory interpretation.
  • Submitting Commodity Jurisdictions to the DDTC.
  • Providing your company with day-to-day advice on regulatory interpretation, export compliance measures, and licensing requirements.
  • Obtaining government approvals and licenses.
  • Executing internal investigations to uncover instances of export control noncompliance, reform your company’s export control procedures, and negotiate resolutions with federal government agencies.
  • Avoiding or minimizing fines and other sanctions for export control violations.
  • Minimizing your company’s legal risk and exercising damage control measures if a violation should occur.
  • Establishing in-house ITAR compliance programs.
  • Planning and executing compliance audits and voluntary self-disclosures.

We will help you understand the interlocking roles of the numerous federal government agencies that oversee export regulation, including the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, the Bureau of Industry and Security, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, and the Department of Commerce.

Why Choose Sequoia Legal For ITAR?

Sequoia Law is an ITAR Law Firm that represents numerous clients in the defense sector. Our extensive knowledge and extensive experience in import/export compliance matters decisively separate us from our competition.

Why Sequoia Legal?
  • We can help you create a custom-tailored compliance plan. Your company must be ITAR compliant if it handles, manufactures, designs, sells, or distributes products on the United States Munitions List. Compliance is not always straightforward-limiting access to technical data is almost always a complex issue, for example.
  • We have vast experience in export compliance laws. Our attorneys enjoy decades of combined experience dealing with the full range of export compliance laws, including ITAR, the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and other export compliance regulations. Our ITAR compliance lawyers understand legal nuances and enforcement priorities that cannot necessarily be derived from the text of the law itself.
  • We are great at proactive defense of your interests
    It is not enough to respond once an issue arises. By that time, it might be too late to do more than simply mitigate the damage that has already been done. Our attorneys are skilled at forecasting what is likely to happen next and preparing in advance for it.
  • We have legal experts skilled in ITAR counsel. Each of our attorneys brings their own knowledge and experience base to every client project. Unlike many ITAR compliance law firms, Sequoia Legal is adept at integrating the knowledge and skill of each of our lawyers into a coherent working whole. We then proceed to offer counsel that is tailor-made to your particular company and circumstances.

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Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQs)

Does ITAR apply to individuals?

Yes. ITAR applies to “US persons” seeking to export to “foreign persons.” A US person can be an entity, but it can also be a US citizen, permanent resident, or political asylee. A foreign person can be any individual who is not a US citizen or lawful permanent resident.

How do I get ITAR-certified?

You must first comply with ITAR regulations, then register with the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), and after that you receive import/export approval from the DDTC.

What services are considered by ITAR as “defense”?

Three types of activities constitute “defense services”:

  • Providing assistance with the design, development, manufacturing, maintenance, etc. of defense-related articles
  • Providing controlled technical data to foreign persons
  • Providing military training to foreign forces

What is considered “technical data” under ITAR?

“Technical data” includes information, especially classified information, on the design, development, or manufacturing of “defense articles.” This information might be blueprints or documentation, for example, and it includes software that is directly related to defense articles.

What are the penalties for ignoring ITAR compliance?

Penalties can include:

  • FInes of $1 million or more per violation;
  • Loss of your company’s export license; and
  • Jail time for responsible individuals.

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Sequoia Legal has been helping us with regulatory compliance matters for years now. So far, we have not had a single complaint lodged against us by any patient or entity, and no enforcement actions have been implemented or threatened. I can’t praise them enough.


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Our company’s HIPAA compliance system was a poorly constructed time bomb waiting to explode until we contacted Sequoia Legal. With their help, we were able to fix our broken system in just a few weeks. If you are doing business in Colorado, Sequoia Legal is the name to remember.


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We retained Sequoia Legal to perform a comprehensive review of our export compliance procedures. As a consequence of their advice, we were able to streamline our procedures to produce a much more effective, virtually error-free system. Would definitely recommend it to any company involved in international trade out of Colorado.


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The attorneys at Sequoia Legal were always very accessible to me, and they explained matters to me with more clarity than I expected. Eventually, we were able to obtain an export license that had eluded us for quite some time.


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I have had an outstanding experience working with Hunter Boone at Sequoia Legal. He quickly responded to any and all requests for legal advice. His work was thorough, complete and timely. I will definitely be returning in the future.


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Sequoia Legal has been a critical component to my business's success. I rely on Andrew Lopez and his team to steer us through the many challenges a business faces, from contract negotiations to M&A to internal legal matters. You are in good hands with Sequoia!


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Andrew and Hunter have been an invaluable partner for our business. They are extremely responsive and have been advising us on a variety of issues. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for corporate counsel assistance