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Outside Legal Counsel Service Tailored To Your Business

As your dedicated outside counsel, Sequoia Legal is an invaluable member of your team, proactively managing all your legal needs, protecting your business, and saving you money.

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Outside General Counsel Subscription Plans

Our outside counsel agreement packages are designed to give you valuable legal advice from experts who understand your business and are invested in your success. Whenever you need our support, we’re just a phone call away - and you needn’t ever worry about being billed for every minute of the call.

The Savvy Startup

Includes all the basics a Startup Company or Small Medical Practice could ever need.

$1,000 / per month

  • Entity Formation & Drafting Operating Agreement
  • Basic Standard Form Business Contracts
  • Employment Agreements & Confidentiality Forms
  • Industry-Specific Regulatory Guidance
  • Review of up to 2 Commercial Agreements
  • Quarterly Update & Planning Meeting
  • 10% Reduction in Flat Fee & Hourly Billing Matters

Legal Peace of Mind

The popular choice for Small, Medium, & Fast Growing Companies with weekly legal questions.

$3,000 / per month

  • Includes Everything From The Savvy Startup Plan
  • Drafting Advanced Commercial Contract Forms
  • Drafting Complex Operating Agreements With Buy/Sell Provisions
  • Review Financing & Negotiating Terms
  • Review of up to 6 Commercial Agreements
  • Monthly Update & Planning Meeting
  • Unlimited Emails to Attorneys
  • Unlimited 15-Minute Phone Consults
  • 15% Reduction in Flat-Fee & Hourly Billing Matters

Full Coverage Legal

Are you considering hiring in-house legal counsel? This is the excellent alternative!

$6,000 / per month

  • Includes Everything From The Savvy Startup & Legal Piece of Mind Plans
  • Preliminary Consulting
  • International Trade Advice
  • In Depth Compliance Review
  • Drafting Sanctions Compliance Plans
  • Design of Export & ITAR Programs
  • Intellectual Property Advice
  • Unlimited 15-Minute Phone Consults
  • Design Incentive & Equity Plans
  • Yearly Compliance Audit
  • Review of up to 15 Commercial Agreements
  • Unlimited Emails to Attorneys
  • Unlimited 15-Minute Phone Consults
  • 20% Reduction in Flat-Fee & Hourly Billing Matters

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Why Prepaid Outside Attorney Counsel Is a Practical Solution

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For a growing company, a general counsel lawyer who is accessible whenever a legal issue arises is a hugely valuable resource. Offering significant savings over in-house attorneys, the external legal advice provided by Sequoia Legal gives you peace of mind and the support you need to keep growing your small or medium business.

Enlist our Denver legal experts for:

  • Corporate and Commercial Matters
  • International Trade Issues
  • Employment Issues
  • Regulatory Compliance Matters

…and a variety of other specific legal matters!

Our corporate legal advisory allows you to manage risk, avoid litigation, and navigate business disputes more affordably and efficiently. Instead of working on an hourly basis, we provide lower rates for our legal work.

Your team will always have instant access to external legal advice from a legal professional with a deep understanding of your business and an investment in your success.

We’re your dedicated legal team at a fraction of the cost.

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The Benefits Of an Outside Counsel Retainer Plans With Sequoia Legal

Our prepaid outside counsel retainer plans aren’t just less expensive…there’s a whole host of benefits your company could soon be enjoying!

Enjoy a proactive approach with a high-powered team familiar with your unique business, all while significantly saving on the fees that would be associated with an in-house attorney

More predictability for cashflow planning

Each prepaid plan includes a free initial audit and planning session

Schedule a video or phone call whenever you need us and enjoyed unlimited access

Save time by offloading your legal needs to our team

Take preventative steps to avoid lawsuits

Put simply, we’re legal experts available whenever you need us, at a price you can afford.

What Our Clients Say


Marcus F.

Sequoia Legal found subtle legal loopholes in some of our confidentiality agreements that could have spelled disaster for our small business. Fortunately, with the help of Sequoia Legal, we were able to get these leaks plugged before they did any serious damage to our company.


Cyndi S.

Our company operates in a highly regulated industry. Sequoia Legal has been our go-to law firm for years now. I am happy to say that we have never suffered a serious regulatory noncompliance problem, and Sequoia Legal has quickly resolved the few minor problems that did arise.


Jake D.

Our company’s trade secret protection system was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. Sequoia helped us revamp the system so that it complies with both state and federal law. I cannot recommend their services highly enough.


Teresa M.

We ran into a hit on the SDN list. It turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, and Sequoia Legal helped us resolve the issue in a quick and cost-efficient manner. Very professional and knowledgeable.


Mike C.

A couple of years ago, our company had no compliance program to speak of, and we were barely aware of the existence of OFAC regulations. Sequoia Legal helped us get our house in order, and we have had no problems since then.


Jacqueline K.

We contacted Sequoia Law after an internal audit revealed that our company had inadvertently committed two substantial OFAC violations over the past two years. We chose the path of voluntary disclosure to OFAC and received lenient penalties. Many thanks to Sequoia for their adroit handling of the matter.


Wilson B.

We are an out-of-state company that hired Sequoia Legal to crack down on some Colorado companies that were blatantly infringing our trademarks and software copyrights. Sequoia Legal shut them down in a matter of weeks and secured generous compensation for our damages.`Sequoia Legal epitomizes professionalism.


Walter R.

Our previous attorney had drafted us NDAs that were so full of holes that it left unscrupulous former employees almost complete freedom to deal with our trade secrets as they wished. Sequoia Legal helped us plug those loopholes and prevent further leakage of valuable trade secrets. I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Grace F.

We hired Sequoia Legal to help us organize and protect our intellectual property needs. They identified problems we didn’t even know we had, and they helped us head off serious oversights that might have bankrupted our company if we hadn’t caught them in time.


Gary D.

Sequoia Legal has been helping us with regulatory compliance matters for years now. So far, we have not had a single complaint lodged against us by any patient or entity, and no enforcement actions have been implemented or threatened. I can’t praise them enough.

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